A combined in silico + in vitro offer to characterize genotoxic impurities (GTIs)

Thanks to our statitsical and expert rule-based QSAR models of genotoxicity combined with in vitro assessment, we provide you with a tailor-made investigation of your APIs regarding ICH M7 regulatory requirements.

An Integrated Offer

🔹 European regulation “ICH M7 guideline”

That regulation frames the identification of residues deriving from the synthesis of APIs and suggests the use of in silico and in vitro based investigations as level 1 and level 2, respectively.

🔹 In silico investigation – level 1 according to OECD

Our QSAR* based statistical and expert rule-based models allows to generate alerts about impurities regarding their potential mutagenic toxicity according to their molecular features.
(*Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship)

🔹 In vitro investigation – level 2 according to OECD

Thanks to our partnership with the company GenEvolutioN, we offer to complete our genotoxicity investigation with experimental assessments like Ames assays with five strains.

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As requested by the ICH M7 Guideline, any identified impuritie is processed through two complentory QSAR methods : Statistical and Expert rule-based.


In the case of inconclusive in silico results about a potential genotoxicity, the impurities are assessed with in vitro AMES assays by our partner GenEvolutioN.


Data from the proposed investigations are reviewed by an expert toxicologist to consolidate compliance with regard to the ICH M7 guideline and regulation.

A straightforward rate

a minimum of 3 compounds to be processed

Price per compound (excluding VAT)
IN SILICO INVESTIGATIONStatistical and Expert rule-based QSAR models1 900€
IN VITRO INVESTIGATIONAmes test with 5 strains ; regular or GLP compliantquotation upon request
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